Bruce Bradley describes Our Approach to making progress  on your food journey!There are lots of ways to make progress toward change in your life. Our belief is that one of the most powerful ways to make changes is to set personal goals. Not just any goals—not your neighbor’s goals, not a friend’s, and not even my goals. We’re talking about YOUR GOALS based on your values, hopes, and dreams.

The science of goal-setting proves this out. Personal goals are very powerful, especially when you’ve invested time in understanding your beliefs, defining your values, and then setting your hopes and dreams. With these ingredients in hand, you’ll go on to discover your “why,” put simple steps in place to move forward, and then listen and learn from your progress!

Our plan is to roll out a platform that will provide tools that will help you reach your food goals and much, much more. So please, stay tuned, subscribe to our newsletter, and learn from our site how to live a happier, healthier life! Together we can accomplish amazing things!

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