Welcome! I'm Bruce. Let me share with you my journey from former processed food marketer to REAL food fan!

Welcome! Learn Why and How I Quit Eating Processed Food!

Thanks for visiting brucebradley.com! We invite you to join us on our journey toward a happier and healthier life.Welcome! I'm Bruce. Let me share with you my journey from former processed food marketer to REAL food fan!

Why Should You Quit Eating Processed Food?

Eating truly healthy food can be especially challenging these days. How do I know? Well, for over fifteen years I worked as a processed food marketer for some of the largest food companies in the world.

While it took me some time away from the industry to realize it, now I honestly believe that your average person doesn’t stand a chance against Big Food’s deceptive marketing tactics and addictive, cheap products. Unfortunately, for the first time in human civilization, life expectancies are predicted to decline, and it’s directly linked to the poor quality, highly processed foods so many of us eat.

How can you change this? The answer is simple yet hard—quit eating processed food!

My Mission:  To Help People Live Happier, Healthier Lives

As one of the only former Big Food executives speaking out I’ve made it my personal mission to call the food industry out on its lies and make a difference in this crazy, mixed-up world. My real food journey started with my book, this blog, and my interview Confessions of a former Big Food executive.

Now more than ever I’m committed to reveal the truth and help people out with tips, tools, and recipes to live happier, healthier lives. Making the transition to eating REAL food can be challenging, so we’re here to help you out!

Welcome! I'm Bruce. Let me share with you my journey from former processed food marketer to REAL food fan!

That said I’d be dishonest if I pretended we eat perfectly in our household (does such a thing even exist? and should it really be the goal?). Although I’ve come a long way since being addicted to soda, I’ve decided it’s more about doing our best. Do we slip up? Sure! Am I guilty of enjoying a mocha at our local coffee shop? Yep! But overall my family has developed consistently healthier habits that make occasional indulgences okay.

Join Us, Quit Eating Processed Food, and Start Your REAL Food Journey!

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In Bruce Bradley’s Ultimate Clean Eating Guide this former processed food marketing executive shares why he quit processed foods, how he did it, and outlines tips and steps you can take to lead a happier, healthier life!

Thanks again for stopping by! We hope to see more of you. And if you’ve got some friends or family members who may also be interested, please share our website with them. Knowledge is power and TOGETHER we can make an incredible difference!


Bruce Bradley

P. S. To learn more about my personal story, why I quit eating processed food, and my food values, check out the My Story page. Also if you’d like to learn more about the online community we’re creating, check out Our Vision and Our Values pages.

Finally, I’ve also written a series of blog posts about my clean eating/real food journey. Here are some links to those posts:

I hope you enjoy reading this collection of articles. Thanks again for stopping by my blog!

Welcome! I'm Bruce. Let me share with you my journey from former processed food marketer to REAL food fan!

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  1. Reba Roberts

    Interested in clean eating to see if it helps with asthma allergies that run in our family.

    1. Bruce Bradley

      Hi Reba!

      Thanks for visiting our site and for your comment.

      Clean eating can be a great way to help deal with allergies. Getting rid of most if not all the additives that are in processed foods can be a huge help. That said, if you’re still experiencing problems with allergies after you’ve been eating real food for a while, you may want to start removing certain types of foods from your diet (dairy, wheat, etc.) one by one to see if that alleviates the problem.

      Our website focuses on eating real food and minimizing processed foods in your diet as much as possible. I definitely think that’s a great first step that can help your health period. Hopefully it will also alleviate the allergy problems you and your family are experiencing.

      Thanks again for checking out our site.


  2. Christi Holcomb

    I am so excited to find your blog!! I found it looking up healthy homemade salad dressing recipes! I have been preaching out against processed foods to friends and family for so long and it was not always easy to find others to share in my passion! I look forward to learning more about your quest and getting involved in a community where others feel the same! I am becoming more and more of an advocate of clean eating, so much that my 10 month old grand daughter has yet to eat any processed food, not jarred baby food, nothing! I have made all her food from nothing but whole foods!! Cheers to clean, healthy eating!!

    1. Bruce Bradley

      Hi Christi!

      Thanks so much for your comment. I’m so glad you found my blog as well. Kudos to you for helping your grand-daughter eat so healthy. What a special gift!

      I look forward to seeing you around on the blog!



  3. Linda Kimble

    How I lived to be 62, soon 63, I’ll never know considering the processed foods I have ingested for years. Maybe I built up an immunity! Anyway, I do want to make the rest of my life a pleasure not a degenerative burden to the planet. Thanks for your help!

    1. Bruce Bradley

      Hi Linda!

      Thanks for your comment. So glad you found my site and about your successful move to cut out processed foods from your diet. I look forward to seeing you comment on more posts!

      Thanks again!

  4. Deb Drain

    I can’t wait to absorb all of this info and start using it.

  5. JUST READ THE INGREDIENTS LABELS!! I am a big label reader of foods’ ingredients, & all products labels’ ingredients in general. I think if everyone took a quick read at the ingredients in foods, they will be shocked, but informed, & left wondering about all the strange additives that many food manufacturers are including in everyday foods.
    Also, thanks for exquisite recipe for homemade Italian salad dressing recipe.

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