Food can be a complicated topic. In fact, sometimes it can become more contentious than religion or politics. Why? Well if you want, it’s relatively easy to go through a day without sharing one’s political or religious views. But since we all need food, and we rarely eat alone, inevitably we end up expressing our food values if not verbally, then non-verbally through our choices of what and where to eat.

Our food values at are:While having challenging discussions about politics, religion, and food are important, a lot of these conversations can take a negative, judgmental turn, and the food debate is no exception. And that’s why we support everyone having their own, personal food values.

Our hope is that this site can help inform people’s food values. NEVER, however, will we expect or demand people to adopt our food values. Values of all sorts are very personal, and they demand respect. And while we may not agree with your food values, that doesn’t mean we have the right to treat you poorly or call you names. Hopefully, that tells you a little something about the kind of online community we want to create.

We will bring this philosophy to life in our content, commenting policy, and how we manage our social media sites. Although we’ll certainly never live up to it 100% of the time, please hold us accountable for the following:

And when it comes to our specific food values, this is what we believe:

  • Focus on eating the “good” stuff first—50% or more veggies, fruits, and legumes.
  • Eat real food—cook more and eat from boxes, bags, bottles, cans, and restaurants less!
  • Our Ingredient Philosophy is focused on: (1) simple and real with minimal/no processing, (2) local and sustainable are great, (3) if you choose to consume animal products, humanely-raised, pastured animals are best, and (4) organic where it makes sense.
  • Listen to your body first vs. the latest fad or ad. Focus on how you feel and what your body is telling you about your diet. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Some people react poorly to certain foods or ingredients, but let’s not make broad generalizations that rule out foods for all people.
  • We’re not about weight-loss, although we believe eating real food can help you with this goal over time. The bottom line is we’re all about you discovering the healthier and happier you!
  • We’re not about rules, we’re about creating a helpful community where information, tips, and tools are shared so you can discover your food values and set your own personal goals!

While you don’t need to share all these values to be a part of our community, we put them out there because:

  1. We want to be upfront about what we believe in, and
  2. We encourage you to discover your own set of food values, hopefully in part based on the information we share here.

We hope you’re interested in learning more about our Mission and Vision. And while you are checking us out, please consider subscribing to our newsletter and sharing our site with your friends and family!


Bruce Bradley

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