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It’s truly such an amazing gift to build a community of people, interact with them, and help them live happier and healthier lives. But as we shared in “Our Vision”, food can be a very complicated topic that people feel passionately about. While we wholeheartedly believe everyone has the right to their own opinion and food values, we’re committed to creating a community that’s constructive and positive. While we’re sure to ruffle some feathers from time to time, please respect our site’s values. The internet is a VERY BIG place—if our values aren’t in sync, let’s not try to force a square peg in a round hole, okay? There are plenty of other sites where you can find like-minded people.

Our Mission and the Role of Comments

The mission of our website is to “inspire people to overcome this noisy food world, to discover their food values, and to live happier, healthier lives.” Our intent is to accomplish this goal by sharing honest, accurate information about what’s in processed food, how it’s marketed using misleading tactics, and share resources, recipes, and information that will help people cut it out from their diets.

Comments are a great way to help us all learn by allowing us to benefit from each other knowledge, share additional information, and explore differing perspectives. That said, there’s a point where commenting can become less about being constructive and informative and more about being argumentative, negative, and unproductive. Therefore, while we respect opinions of all sorts and very much value reader feedback, please be respectful in all matters.

Finally, while we always want to encourage productive conversation there’s nothing more frustrating for our site’s regular and new visitors than having to sort through endless bickering, rants, and off-topic comments. So if you don’t like what you see here, please don’t feel compelled to ruin it for those who do. Undoubtedly there’s another online community where you can find your values are in better sync.

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Our Virtual Living Room

So in many ways you can visualize this site as a large, virtual living room. We expect the conversations to be constructive, kind, supportive, and compassionate, even if you disagree with some information that has been shared. Yes, occasionally things can get heated, but they must always be respectful! Therefore, any reader comments (both on the blog or Facebook) that fall into one of the following categories may be deleted and the user may be banned indefinitely.

  1. Negative and not adding value
  2. Rude
  3. Bullying or argumentative
  4. Off topic
  5. Profane
  6. Self-promoting
  7. Spam
  8. Otherwise inappropriate

We work very hard every day to build this community, and we’re committed to creating a place with positive energy. Please respect the opinions of others and keep the drama under lock and key! While we honestly don’t want to ban anyone (and will do our best to warn folks first), please don’t take it personally. However, if it does happen realize that we needed to do it in order to maintain a safe place for our valued readers who truly appreciate this website and its content.

Commenting policy for

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  1. Dennis L. Weaver

    Bruce –

    After having read your 535 Word ‘RULES for COMMENTIING’, you must really have a quiet little living room. My living room is FILLED with hearty conversation, tight discussions, raised voices, some verging on rude, raucous and even someone trying to bully their idea to the fore. But, I do business with, and work with adults, who seemingly can take it! In the end, we arrive at the best idea or solution by being inclusive instead of exclusive and filtering. No censorship. You’d be surprised as to how many good ideas gestate from a rude comment or suggestion because it causes people to be alert, open and to think., rather than to be dismissive.

    To Your Health!
    Dennis L. Weaver, MBA, GFG
    Change Your Food – Change Your Life!™, Inc.

    1. Bruce Bradley


      Sorry you’re not a fan of my commenting policy. I certainly realize I can’t please everyone online.

      What I’ve observed is that more and more folks don’t want to comment because of all the bad, rude, and bullying behavior that goes on online. I’d rather people feel at home commenting than ever feel personally attacked. As I try to point out above—making suggestions and having differences in opinions are cool. It just doesn’t need to get negative, mean, or make people feel fearful about sharing their point of view.



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