Rudeness and the Lost Art of Self-Awareness …

Does it seem to you like the world is getting ruder? What are we going to do? What do you do?I was raised by very polite parents, and my grandfather was the epitome of etiquette and respect.  I guess I’m the product of my environment, and I expect people to be pleasant.  But honestly, what’s going on these days?  What happened to showing some civility and courtesy?

Today I was out running some errands over lunch, and between getting cut-off, tailgated, and nearly run over by shopping carts, I felt like I was lucky to survive.  Do you ever feel that way?  I’m afraid it is happening WAY too often for me.

So as I was reading news this evening, this story about a texting theatre-goer caught my attention.  Apparently after two warnings, the woman refused to stop texting so the movie theatre escorted her out.  YES!  I love it!  I want to go to the movies there!  (Actually, it’s the Alamo Drafthouse in Texas, so it’s a bit far for me, but next time I’m in Texas, I’m there!)  But get this, the woman was so upset at being removed that she left a ranting voicemail complaining and making excuses.  Did that ruffle the theatre’s feathers?  No, quite the contrary.  You see, Alamo Drafthouse created a PSA from the woman’s abusive ramblings, and they play it before their featured movie (the clip is shown below — warning, although it’s censored, this woman’s language is over the top).  What a fantastic idea!  But what leaves me scratching my head is, how can this woman lack so much self-awareness?  Hey, we all make mistakes, right?  Sometimes we even get lost in the moment, and don’t even realize it.  But really?  After stepping away from the situation, how can someone get so unglued and have absolutely no clue she was so wrong.  I simply can’t comprehend it.

What do you think about this incident?  What happens when your path crosses with a rude person?  How do you deal with it?  Leave your thoughts and suggestions.  Unfortunately it’s a problem that we’re all having to deal with more and more.


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  1. Marion

    Just this weekend I asked a woman in front of me to stop checking her cell phone during the movie The Help. I don’t think people realize how bright their phone screen is for others. I know that parents who are nervous about the babysitter at home may find it hard to resist checking their phones – but they just need to sit in the back row of the theater. (p.s. I used to live in Austin TX, and yes, the Alamo Drafthouse is fantastic!)

  2. kathyfannon

    I love the “You’re Welcome” at the end! LOL

    I’ve been diggin’ around on your blog for most of the past 2 hours. Wow! Such awesome information! Thank you for all of this, Bruce! I can see that yours will definitely be one of my ‘must reads’ on my Flipboard app! Looking forward to learning more!


    1. Bruce Bradley

      Thanks for your comment Kathy. I’m thrilled you are enjoying my blog so much!

      Yes, that whole rudeness thing was amazing. I loved how the theatre flipped the whole rant on its end … turned this women’s craziness into a way to show their customers that they care. Now if we can only turn the tables on the big food!

      Thanks again for being part of my blog community!

  3. Karen

    I just found you too! The message about industrial food is an important one that people need to hear and understand. I don’t see why it seems so hard for so many to grasp. Like you mentioned with your fourteen year old, I had a similar discussion with mine, and he got the concept right away. He takes Foods and Nutrition in school and refuses to eat what they make with what he considers garbage (hydrogenated fats, processed food “ingredients”) So if kids can “get it”, what’s wrong with all the adults???

    Early on, we solved the mcd issue by referring to menu items as mcboogers, and stressing that cereal in bright flashy boxes was, on the rare occasions we had it, snack/junk food, not breakfast. Our kids in their late teens now, still won’t eat at mcd’s or put sugar/honey/pop/puff/whatever in a bowl with milk.

    The Alamo Drafthouse PSA was brilliant! The texter – notsomuch, as in, “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.” Thanks for a good chuckle.

    1. Bruce Bradley

      Thanks for your comment Karen. Glad you’ve found my blog!

      It sounds like you have been really successful with your kids. Congratulations. My 14 year old ebbs and flows with eating healthy. What I feel really good about, though, is he’s getting savvy about asking the right questions. He even talks about stuff he’s bought that wasn’t good for him and why. In fact, I think I may use of recent example of this in an upcoming blog.

      Thanks for you comment … and for triggering a blog idea for me.

      PS — yes, it was a brilliant PSA.

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