Always Find Time to Celebrate … Especially If It’s With a Pie in the Face

Ben ready to pieface Dad
Ben throwing pie. Dad scared!

Earlier this week I bemoaned how being away from your child on their birthday or a holiday can be tough for divorced parents.  While that’s true, I forgot to share another lesson.  Even if you have to spend a special day apart, there’s NO reason you can’t celebrate on a different day.  Not only can it be just as fun, but in some ways it can be more relaxing since you’re released from the expectations of the actual day.

Case in point:  my son’s 14th birthday.  Yes, we had to celebrate a couple days later since Ben was at his mom’s, but we still had a real party of it.  After watching a sitcom almost a year earlier where the family was throwing pies in each other’s faces, Ben mentioned he’d like to get pieface for his birthday.  I think what he really wanted was to throw pie in the face of his family.  Nevertheless, I jotted it down on my tickler calendar, and surprised him with pie in the face for his 14th b-day.

As the pictures show, it doesn’t have to be your child’s actual birthday to have a special time and celebrate!  Calendars can be great for keeping us on schedule, but don’t ever let them take control and give you a reason to not celebrate a special occasion.  So whether you’re divorced parents or your kids are away at camp, go for it … a day, a week, a month later … it doesn’t matter.  Become a pie face family like we did, or celebrate in some new, fun way.  Whatever it is, just enjoy and have fun!

How do you like to celebrate with your family?  Any fun ideas for us to try out?  Or share some pictures of you getting pie in the face … come on … it’s fun!  Here are a couple more of us.

A family with pie in the face
Ben, my brother John, and I with pie in the face
Casey and Ben enjoying pieface
my sister-in-law Casey and Ben enjoying pieface

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  1. julie

    I like the pictures. You guys look so happy! Your child looks quite content with the pan on his head. I look forward to reading some more about your perspective on life. It does seem like you have the most important things in life in the right order, because you begin with your boy.

    1. Bruce Bradley

      Thank you so much for commenting! I am a lucky Dad for sure! I just started up this blog to talk about life and some of my passions! My biggest passion is my family. Another passion of mine is writing. After talking about writing a novel for 20+ years, I finally did it! If everything goes as planned, it should be published soon!

      Thanks again for your comment and for visiting my site!

  2. Marion

    Pie in the face – what a great idea, one that I know my teenage step-daughters will like! We also celebrate birthdays on later/earlier days, Thanksgiving on the Saturday of that weekend, Christmas on Dec. 27th, etc., and have grown to love it. My husband and I do something quiet on the “real” holidates, and are then more relaxed on the whole-family holidates. These adjustments were also the nudge we needed to stop serving turkey on Christmas – now we do a big bouillabaise fish stew instead.

    1. Bruce Bradley

      I think more people should try taking off the pressure from the actual b-day or holiday. And if you’re not into turkey … yeah! bouillabaisse it is!

  3. Kellie

    I was married for 21 years never saw divorce in my future but it happened. I had a lot of reason to hate my ex but I made my children a priority, never once not letting them see their father when ever they or their father wanted to. I could not imagine only seeing them every other weekend. I decided i was not going to punish my husband thru my kids. My husband and I are friends today because I forgave him…forgiveness is not condoning it is letting go…

    1. Bruce Bradley

      Amen. Put the kids first. They didn’t ask for the mess. The adults need to put their feelings aside and do what’s best for the children. Sounds like you were very successful in doing just that. Congratulations!

    2. Marion

      I wish my husband’s ex had your perspective. Your kids will be grateful to you for keeping the focus on them.

  4. akkemay

    I always wanted a pie in my face but I never dared!.
    Seems like a lot of fun to me!
    How did it feel to get apie in the face ?
    Best regards Akkemay

    1. Bruce Bradley

      If you ever do it, make sure you close your eyes. My son got some in his eyes, and he said it bothered him for a while. Also, with it being whipped cream, it’s very fatty, so it hard to clean off you face, hair, clothes. So, it’s fun … but very messy.

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