I’ve always loved food. And after learning how to be a pretty good cook, I thought, how cool would it be to work with food everyday. So for most of my adult life, I’ve been working in the food industry in one form or fashion. It’s this experience that lead me to write my book, FAT PROFITS. Now while FAT PROFITS tells the story about a corrupt food company, I can honestly say that company does not exist. That said, I’ve seen some disturbing trends in the food industry over the past 20 years, and I’m passionate about trying to improve the quality of the food we eat. After all, if the old adage “you are what you eat” is true, these days we can’t even pronounce each other’s name. If that doesn’t make sense to you, start reading some ingredient labels. I guarantee if you’re eating like most Americans, they read more like a lab experiment than something that’s truly good for you. Please, do yourself a favor and check your labels out.

Confessions of a Former Coke “Addict”

Beverages like Coca-Cola can feel like their addictive

Yes, I’ve battled a Coke “addiction” a couple of times. Just when I think I have it beat, a couple of years later it worms its way back into my life. No, this Coke isn’t that white, powdery stuff. This Coke comes in a can, and my particular “drug” of choice is Cherry Coke Zero.

Do you ever wonder why soft drinks and processed foods have such power over us? Are we just weak? Or are our bodies simply outmaneuvered by slick Big Food companies? An interesting 60 Minutes episode entitled “The Flavorists: Tweaking Tastes and Creating Cravings” sheds some light on the subject. (more…)

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Gerber: A Broken Promise?

Several days ago Seth Godin’s blog caught my attention. He had a post about marketing and promises that said:

Marketing is about making promises and then keeping them. The marketer comes to us and makes a promise. If we accept the promise, a sale is made.

If we seduce ourselves into accepting small promises, we let everyone down…

The big promises of transparency and care, of design and passion, of commitment and stewardship–we ought to be demanding more of this.

We get what we settle for.

After spending the past couple weeks working on my series, Baby’s First Encounter with Big Food, I couldn’t agree more. Why? Because I believe Big Food has broken some sacred promises. While they may make and keep some smaller promises, they’ve lost sight of the bigger picture. And although many companies are guilty of this in the baby aisle, one company in particular stands out–Nestlé, the owner of the Gerber baby brand. (more…)

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Six Simple Steps for a REAL FOOD Thanksgiving

Where are you in your journey to eat REAL FOOD? It can be overwhelming to make changes in what you eat, and that’s especially true on holidays like Thanksgiving when you’re entertaining friends and family. So if you’re new to eating less processed foods, what are some simple ways to improve your Thanksgiving meal? Here’s my list of six easy steps you can take to walk away from processed food and towards REAL FOOD that’s better for you and our planet: (more…)

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Baby’s First Snack Foods

Part II of the series Baby's First Encounter with Big Food Snacking has become a national pastime. The NPD Group, a leading research organization hired by most Big Food companies, recently reported that "one out of every five eating occasions is a snack." Now that statistic might not be so…

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PART I: Baby’s First Encounter with Big Food

There hasn't been a newborn baby in my home for a while. My son, Ben, turned 15 last May. While feeding a teenager healthy, unprocessed food has its own host of issues, I've been thinking a lot about babies again. No, I'm not expecting. You see, in less than a…

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Processed Food: Trick or Treat?

Here's a fun, yet scary post in honor of Halloween. Although it's meant with a little tongue in cheek, it is alarming what the food industry can get away with putting in their boxes, bags, and bottles without us even knowing it. Enjoy! Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and…

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Fundraising is a tough business. How many times have you screened or hung-up on a telemarketer? Thrown away the mailer requesting a donation? Or deleted the email from your favorite non-profit? And do you ever feel like when you finally make that donation, you're quickly "thanked" by a barrage of…

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What’s Quaker Really Selling?

Part III of the series on Quaker, Are All Marketers Liars? Does Quaker sell the goodness of whole grain oats or the addictive taste of sugar? If you believe their advertising, packaging, and 150+ year history, health and whole grain oats would win. But as my last couple of posts…

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Does Quaker Sell Real Food Anymore?

Part II of the series on Quaker, Are All Marketers Liars? Quaker Oats traces its roots back to the 1850s. The iconic Quaker man image was adopted by the company in the 1870s based on the morals that Quakers embodied–integrity, honesty, and purity. Over the years the Quaker man (who's…

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Are All Marketers Liars?

In his 2005 bestseller Seth Godin proclaimed All Marketers Are Liars. It didn't take long for Mr. Godin to admit that he was lying: I wasn't being completely truthful with you when I named this book. Marketers aren't liars. They are just storytellers... At the time Mr. Godin's book was released,…

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Take a Stand Against GMOs

For far too long Big Food has been lying to us. Despite over 1 million people signing a petition AND the vast majority of Americans supporting informational labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), Big Food continues to fight to hide GMOs in our food. I've had enough of it, and I'm taking…

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Six Simple Changes For a Better BBQ

Here in the United States everyone is getting ready for their biggest BBQ of the summer, 4th of July. But just because it's a holiday doesn't mean you should forget everything you know about eating REAL food. While it's fine to break the rules occasionally, it really isn't that hard…

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